10 Example Clothes Muslim Children Cool the Latest Model 2015 – it’s the obligation of the main as parents to discipline and teach the child to obey the old man and his god. Where such a thing is a requirement to fulfill because one day the kids both female and male will be a door pertanggung-the answer to the old man in the world should the afterlife. One form of a simple example that can be used the old man to his children one day to be children who sholeh and serve that in a way gives the example of fashion designer muslim are good and decent in accordance with the amanah of islam.10 Example Clothes Muslim Children Cool the Latest Model 2015

Don’t miss out of sight the old man who always meninginkan son-daughter to be the best way to give the model clothes muslim are good quality and beautiful so that kids men and women you look neat, polite, funny and charming. Various examples of model dress muslim can you see to make you better have an inspiration dress for Pakaian muslim etnik anak girls and boys used in an activity keseharian them.

10 Example Clothes Muslim Children Cool the Latest Model 2015

There are various models of fashion designer muslim kids that you can make as a material consideration for the fashion designer muslim that will be used by your children between other clothes muslim boy color white, dress muslim cute boy, clothes muslim children cool, and a muslim other boys who didn’t lose, special and trendy to the present. Your task for the parents to just choose a dress for muslim precise and preferred kids. But don’t until wrong to choose clothes muslim your child with fashion designer muslim teenager or an adult because if that’s the case then your child should be performing funny and beautiful to impress a little attitude, of course, would eliminate everything perky and fresh on your child.

Discuss about the color of clothes muslim boy update, sometimes the child is more likely to memakain clothes muslim boy who has the colour they like, as blue, red, pink, and yellow. Then you can berinisiatif to choose a dress for muslim kids with favorite color your child is. Because besides to make the children impressed it’s also good to provide comfort and pleasure myself for your child with the use of fashion designer muslim child your choice.

By doing so, will give education to children with the use of model dress muslim children is an example of fashion designer muslim should be used in keseharian because then later on after was the more mature your child is more mengemari clothes muslim compared to model clothes-the clothes nowadays who limited be cloth materials and clothes are used.

To inform you about the example of clothes muslim children to the latest update then we also present a few reviews about trend fashion designer muslim boy who is now a favorite among the parents to be choices clothes muslim thing for a child to always look pretty or charming when undergoing routine kesehariannya. 10 Sample Collection Clothes Muslim Boy Latest we are offering it to you make it a material consideration to choose fashion designer muslim that might be one of the basic options you to clothes a muslim child.

All this explanation we can say about Images of Dress Muslim Kids these days that might be useful for you. And may what we serve you desire and we at once apologize if there sajian less satisfactory. Instead we have a choice about strings 10 Example Clothes Muslim-Batik Modern 2015 that might you interest to see it. Thus we can say, thank you and we wait for your visit back to see the trend example clothing muslim latest other.

Kind of Work Freelance (Freelance) Online at Home Earn money from internet by working as a freelancer or freelance is not as much as if we work in full time, because notabene work freelance is to work part time or work part-time just work at my spare.

However, work freelance at home gives you a lot of profit. For example, if viewed from the angle of time, to work freelance, obviously, more flexible even impressed ‘like-like’ because it’s not like she’s working material that should be on at 7 in the morning.Work Freelance (Freelance) Online at Home

Work Freelance (Freelance) Online at Home

Any other benefit from work freelance online is the flexibility of place, wherever You are, be it at home or in the house of a brother (as long as connect the internet) then You will still can work as usual or this term is often called to work in the remote.

After seeing the advantages of work freelance I explain above, are You interested to find a vacancy to work part time as a freelancer ? if so, have You found the kind of work freelance that is appropriate with Your ability ? if not, then the ninth kind of work freelance under it’s worth for You to consider, because besides profitable too promising income or salary high.

1. Graphic Designer

Work Freelance Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer via alliancebroad.com

If You are an expert in the field of design, try to use a skill design You have to be a freelancer online. Offering services of design through media, social can be the first step You in menitih career in the field of graphic designer, besides gain experience You will also get paid from the client.

2. Website Developer

Work Freelance Website Developer
Website Developer via

Freelance online by being a website developer so I recommend for You who have ability in the field of programming, web, pasalnya salary offered to the developer website quite high ranges between 3 – 10 million, depending on the great little website dealt with.

3. Freelance Blogger

Work Freelance Freelance Blogger
Freelance Blogger via wordpress.com

Not many know that being a blogger is work freelance online is very profitable, because we have so many people who can get you earning extra by working on the side in the house until hundreds of millions per month just by being a freelance blogger. But income big berbanding straight with everything that must be done, starting from the make blog, promote the blog until You must be willing to write an article notabenya need a couple of hours.

4. Freelance Writers

Work Freelance Freelance Writers
Freelance Writers via

Not much different with a freelance blogger, a writer wanders too terbilang profitable. I dare to say so because I myself was prove it. Imagine just for 1 article that we make (average) will be rewarded between 5 – 15 thousand, so if we were able to complete 10 articles per day, then money 3 million we can kantongi.

How to cope with difficult sleeping (insomnia) without drugs?
How to cope with difficult sleeping (insomnia)
Sleep is one of the basic necessities of our body, sleep is even more important than eating. If we lack sleep of course will impact negatively on our activities. We will not be able through daily activities well what if we lack sleep.

If you are already planning to sleep well and minimize the lack of sleep is a good thing for the fighting. If you are already speeding up bed time than usual or you already intend to schedule a sleep over this turned out less and want to fix it, but it turns out that there are new things that hinder your good intentions.

It turns out you became hard to sleep or also known as (Insomnia), although the room you’ve been quiet and comfortable beds. Hard to sleep it still can happen. Insomnia is a State of a person who is having trouble sleeping or cannot sleep with old according to needs of the body.
What are the consequences if the lack of sleep?

Tired and lazy to have activity in the daytime
Easy stress, depression and not passionate
Hard to concentrate when activities or work
The immune system is weak and easily affected by the disease. Like a sick heart, cancer, diabetes, stroke etc.
Emotionally unstable and irritable
Easy to forget an appointment or forget to put stuff
It could also could also decrease in obesity or weight
A study by Warwick university stated that people who sleep less than six hours at risk of early death than those who sleep enough

Please read also: the importance of Quality Sleep!

The actual disease insomnia is a disease that is already long. But many of us who ignore it, they’ve got the cause of each. Life in the big city often associated with lack of sleep causes someone other than that there’s more to other causes, such as stress, illness, irregular eating patterns and much more.

For that knowledge about the importance of sleep enough that it was very necessary to notify all of the circles. In addition to escape from a variety of ailments, sleep can also enhance the creativity and passion of a person through its activities.

Now if you are a troubled sleep. Here is a natural way to overcome the difficulty sleeping or insomnia easily.

If you sleep with the light turned on then try condition with lights that Dim or turn off the lights. This can make your mind more rilex and quickly fell asleep.
If you feel stressed, try eliminating your stress by telling your problems to people nearby streets for a moment, play games or you can also workout/do the movements of yoga. If you are a muslim, try to pray Sunnah before bed that can soothe your mind.
Drink honey and milk before going to bed.
Don’t let your stomach empty before bed. Fill with a few spoons of rice or other food, but jangn is also too full.
If you have finished the activity and sweating, showering the night can cause sleepy company more quickly. But don’t take a bath in a State Agency, please chill first.
Matikanlah TV, radio or the things that make the atmosphere in the room you get excited. Create one atmosphere as quiet as possible.
Do not play the gadget or smartphone, if you’re intent on going to bed matikanlah the internet and remove gadgets from your hands.
Read a book or newspaper can be straining your eyes quickly. This must try.
Avoid drinking coffee or drink caffeine in the afternoon and evening. Because caffeine drinks can make your eyes longer literate.
Make a regular sleep schedule and you should be able to firmly against your own schedule. Because with a good scheduling of course bed time you will also be better.
And don’t forget to pray.

That’s 11 beds that can cope with the way you should be if you are someone who has difficulty sleeping. If you’ve tried several ways above and still hard to sleep. It’s good you check with a doctor to find out the cause.

Combination skin care for face

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Combination skin includes oily skin

Combination skin differs from other skin types because they do not dry properly normalfeucht or greasy shiny. Instead, the combination skin a combination it normal and oily skin or a combination of dry and oily skin. This increases with age, the different expression of the moisture from the skin, and both skin areas are the same.

Skin care for MischhautBeim skin type combination skin are always some shiny oily Spots available. These Bodies are found usually in the area with the highest density of moisture-producing sebaceous glands, so that most frequently the face, the chest, the shoulders and the backs Shine. Other body parts have fewer oil glands, so these areas are either normally hydrated or dry.

The T-Zone of combination skin

In the face makes the combination skin visible to others. Generally, the oily area of a combination skin is always at the forehead and the nose, while the cheeks are dry. Therefore one speaks also of the T-Zone, since the area of forehead and nose together like a “T” appearance. So when you are in the care of combination skin the T-Zone speaks of is only the skin of the fatty part of the skin of the face meant.

Causes of combination skin

As the main cause of combination skin are the sebaceous glands, which is more moisture than normal skin type. For the dryness of the skin are primarily environmental influences (such as humidity) and the aging of the skin responsible.

I have combination skin?

Most people already recognize in the mirror, whether you own a Mischhauttyp. The shiny areas that may also be pimples (blackheads) and pores are expanded. Make-up and other Hautpflegeartikel will normally be a complete day without re-applying the cosmetics to survive.

Dry areas can in the course of the day, also peeling and red, and irritated. Generally, in this area of the skin pores hardly visible, but wrinkles more pronounced, and the elasticity of the skin is less dynamic.

Skin care for combination skin

The right skin care for combination skin is best considered to be a fine balancing act to describe. The areas with oily skin should not überfettet be, if you the risk of skin wish to avoid. Here you may products for oily skin in areas applied, not greasy, because otherwise you will dry skin is encouraged to shed, this is especially true in the area around the mouth and around the eyes. How do you care properly for his combination skin?

In General, for the various facial parts (oily T-Zone and dry cheeks), just different skin care be used, if the combination is very pronounced. For the average combination skin there are skin type well-adjusted cosmetic

products in the cosmetics industry

At best, they are washed twice a day with warm water and a mild skin care product. This helps the dead skin cells, dirt and excess fat to remove, and thus a blockage of the Porenöffnungen counter.

And to also recommend going to a facial scrub (also good is a full-body scrub), to make the skin even more thoroughly of unwanted particles to clean and the skin fresh and radiant. When selecting your skin care make sure to apply skin care products to find your skin type fit. Ideally, do you care if a scrub is always particular to the fettigeren areas, in the face of the T Zone.

products in the cosmetics industry

For oily-normal skin needs enough moisture to be obtained, but at the same time, for drought in the overly shiny areas should be ensured. It is best to use moisturizers, which are water rather than Oil (fat) as the basis for toilet and treat the fatty areas so that more economical than the rest of the body. In addition, we advise to cosmetic products, skin fats evade but also to Hautkosmetik as talcum powder.

For oily-dry skin is in the foreground, the dry areas of sufficient moisture, so that the skin of your fresh can get. This could be especially the eye area an even more intensive moisturizer need.

Generally, one should combination skin alcohol-containing toner is avoided. For the whole face, it is advisable a mild facial toner to use. Who de face portions separated maintains, in the oily area, however, an alcohol-based product to grab.t-zone in the face.

Products Milk with packaging

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Products Milk

The packaging plastic that is appropriate for products products milk is LDPE and HDPE. The packaging for the cheese to be little against water vapor and gases good, for example nylons/ Polyethylene, Cellulose, polyethylene and PET/PE.

2. Meat and Fish

Fresh meat packed with PVC-the permeabilitasnya against water vapour and gas high.
Meat frozen packed with the LDPE and LDPE nylons.
Fowl packed with bags laminasi from etilen vinil asetat/polyethylene (EVA/PE).
Meat cooking and bacon with E/PVDC/PA/PT/PETT or pack the vacuum.
Fish and frozen fish packed with HDPE or LDPE.

3. Product Bread

Bread containing humektan packed with the pack watertight.
The bread bertekstur crispy with the pack airtight.
Cake (sponge) so as not to dry and the smell of apek packed with cellulose laminate or OPP

Products Milk with packaging
4. Food Dry and Serealia
To the food dry and serealia packed with the pack has water vapor and gases like LDPE-lined paper or LDPE/aluminium my foils.

5. Food Diolah

For food stable like jam and pickle the packaging used is plastic flexible and if it will diolah again used glass or cans.
The construction layers required for the retort pouch is materials like polyester or poliamida/ aluminium my foils/HDPE or PEPP kopolimer.
The pack secondary is used for the distribution is cardboard.

6. Fruit and Vegetable Fresh
The pack chosen was the pack who had permeabilitas high on CO2 it can release CO2 from the product as kemasan susu a result of the process of respiration. The kind of pack that fit’s polistiren foam like LDPE, EVA, ionomer or plastic PVC -.

7. Coffee

Packed packing hollow like my foils or polyester that’s been dimetalisasi and PE.
To pack coffee instant used PVC-are coated with PVDC, but the price is still too expensive.

8. The fat and Oil
Used pack PVC-clean and shiny. Pengemasan butter and margarin is done with polistiren.

9. Jam and Candied

The ancients used polistiren with printing injection.
When used this PVC-shaped slabs.

10. Drink
To drink berkarbonasi then selected the pack strong, hold umbukan and impact, not through light and permeabilitasnya of gas low, so that kind of packs that fit is poliakrilonitril.

For a drink that doesn’t berkarbonasi then selected the pack in the shape of a bottle having a process ekstrusi that’s Lamicon from the PE and lamipet (material containing 95% polivinil asetat saponifiliasi).

11. Food supplies other
Salt packed with HDPE because of the nature of his protection against moisture is high. Seasoning cooking packed with the LDPE is flexible. Frozen food with LDPE and EVA.

According to H. Djaslim Saladin, SE. Understanding products in the book entitled Elements of Core Marketing and Management Marketing (2003:45) : divided in some sense,that is: Understanding the Product is :
a) In a sense sempitnya, the product is a collection of nature-the nature of physical chemistry is the intangible that dihimpun in a shape similar and have known.

Sinkhole Presentation Donggala

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Sinkhole Presentation Donggala. A big hole (well a giant) that was cracked open like the pool fills with sea water. It is said that in the place tour new unique this there is a tunnel that connects the hole to the sea Palu, Sulawesi Center. Many also mentioned the sinkhole it’s as well the sea. At the edge available the stairs to head to the mainland again, if visitors want to swim in this hole. It is about 45 kilometers from the City of Palu or 45 minutes using motor vehicle. Exactly around 12 kilometers from the center of the City of Donggala. Pusentasi it has a diameter of a hole 10 metres deep, containing sea water and various fish of the sea, that the water will recede if the sea tide, and instead the water will rise if the sea level dropped. A phenomenon, a miracle of nature that obliged you to visit, isn’t it?tour of the sea hammer.

Sinkhole Presentation Donggala

The Village Of Dombu. Place tour with a view of nature in the region of Dombu Donggala this is really awesome! The top of the Mountain Gawalise at an altitude of about 1,500 above sea level, look in a blanket the fog thick that it seems reluctant to budge from there. On the left side of the road, a chasm as deep as thousands of meters it looks horrible with the trees are always green. While deep in the bottom of the gorge, it looks like a river with waters flowing in the cores. In Dombu is a community of the tribe off the grid to build a house and live in the trees. Name Tribe Da’a, spread over six District in District Donggala, Palu. Object this has the beauty that can disandingkan with the region Bedugul in Bali for the beauty and sejuknya air.the beauty of the mountains the hammer.

Beach Capes Coral Donggala. To reach sightseeing Capes Reef can be taken from the city of Palu in less than 1 hour or about 35 kilometers with the use of a car or motorcycle. Capes coral Reef in Sulawesi the Middle of it has a sand white and very suitable for a place to swim and bask. Even the tourists can also do snorkeling and diving, who has available rental equipment. So a condition similar to Senggigi which is a tour terpopuler in Lombok but the line of the beach not all in Senggigi.beach capes reef.

The National Park Lore Lindu. The area stretches from the District Donggala Palu and the region of Poso Sulawesi Middle. Some of the tourist interesting to visit in it ie: the Valley of the Besoa to See habitat maleo and rock megalit. Lake Lindu as a place bersampan and observation of wildlife bird. Valley Saluki, Bada Valley, the Valley of Napu to see various rock megalit. Mount Nokilalaki Mountain Rorekatimbo, and the river Lariang as sightseeing attractive for trekkers to mount and what’s the. And the last one is lake Lewuto.

Waterfall Gitgit in Singaraja Bali

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The Utilization Of Intensive

For you tourists who were into doing photography panoramic, National Park Bali West is the most right for you. In there you can sepuasnya were photographed every object in the park without fear of any ban as long as you don’t bring a rifle to hunt. For those of you who were into with your bird can also be witnessed directly the birds are rare in the National Park are beautiful in the Western part of the island of Bali.

If you are interested in visiting the National Park are interesting on Bali’s West, please follow the map we’ve provided below.

Waterfall Gitgit in Singaraja Bali

Waterfall Gitgit in Singaraja Bali

One of the tours in Bali’s north are capable of charming the tourists domestic and mancanegara is a waterfall Gitgit which is close to Singaraja. An interesting thing you will see before reaching the destination is the scenery along the way after you parked the vehicle. Indeed, to reach this location you are obliged to walk a few hundred metres until it reaches the waterfall. But don’t worry because the great beauty the past the rice fields, the garden coffee or cloves, it will make you forget about feeling tired. Especially if you’ve been in front of a waterfall Gitgit which is amazing. The cold water will make you feel fresh.
waterfall gitgit

The Beauty Of Gitgit

The waterfall is beautiful it is in the village of Gitgit, district Sukasada, Buleleng, Bali. From the town of Singaraja is 11 km towards the South. Whereas if you depart from Denpasar is about 90 km. Height of the waterfall is 35 meters, and this is the highest on the island of Bali. This height together with the aia tajun valley of the Ass which is a place of tourist’s pride in the. Gitgit is an object popular with beach of Lovina which is a so-called secret tour Singaraja. If you depart from the region of Kuta or Denpasar, then the way to do will pass Bedugul and then you coming down the mountains that has a beautiful view and the location of the waterfall Gitgit.

Besides seeing keelokan waterfall Gitgit, in the region Singaraja is also famous with the existence of waterfalls like Campuhan (twins), Decker and Colek Pamor. For the last time this was in the middle of the forest so that it takes stamina the prime if you want to see the beauty of it. All the object that we mention this not hot water like in Cimanggu. But the sensation of cold menjamah your skin to give a surprise package.

Are you interested in seeing the beauty of a waterfall Gitgit is this? We provide a map to ease your journey to one of the tour in Bali that lures the heart of tourists foreign and domestic, who never came to visit her.

Beautiful beaches and Popular in Bali

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Beautiful beaches and Popular in Bali – If we’re talking about the island of Bali then appear in the memory is a row of beautiful beaches nan exotic as well as already popular in the world. Indeed this island is identical and at first mengedepankan the beauty of the ocean as sightseeing are welcome in Bali. Especially typical beach with waves big enough to dominate and surround the area directly bordering the ocean. What are the nice place that worth a visit and berbasah-basahan in the area Bali? We’ve set up a pedomannya for you.
Beach in Bali
Beautiful beaches and Popular in Bali
As for the guide a vacation for you who like the place tourist beach on the island of Dewata is as follows:

Beach Kuta
beach kuta bali

Kuta Bali

Place tour the most famous being in the zone district Meal. Vast district Kuta is 17,52 km. And it is quite close to the airport Ngurah Rai. The journey from the airport the air is only about 10-15 minutes. Most tourists who come to make the beach of Kuta as a “base camp” vacation. Usually if on vacation a few days on the island of Bali, so visitors looking for the inn at the edge of the beach of Kuta Bali. Tips best if you pay a visit to this place is come with a plane in the morning, and back home a few days later with the plane in the afternoon. When the last day, use your time by playing the waves all day until satisfied. Soft the sand is white too interesting for you bermalas about are we and sleep bask in it.
Land Lot
beach land lot bali

Land Lot

The beauty often decorate the brochure, pamphlet or promotion of anything associated with the island of Bali and Indonesia. The best time to visit the coast of the Land Lot is in the afternoon towards the afternoon. Even most of the visitors deliberately waiting for the sunset, because this place does have a corner of the beautiful when the sun goes down. There’s a lot of location sunset around the pretend interesting to be object, photography exotic you around the pretend Land Lot. On the way to the tour was cool in the Bali it’s not that hard, just takes about 30 minutes journey from Denpasar to the village of Beraban in the Tabanan. The journey from Denpasar Bali to beach Land Lot a distance of around 25 kilometers.
The Coast Of Nusa Lembongan
nusa lembongan

Nusa Lembongan

As part of the tour exclusive especially if you cross with the use of cruise luxury complete with pontoon to play water sports. On the island of Nusa Lembongan, you can do diving, snorkeling, sunbathing, enjoy the beauty of the beach, blue lagoon, review the fields of seaweed, as well as visiting the house custom interesting and even a house under the ground. People here are pretty friendly and will accompany you around the island if needed. While the games on the pontoon which provided enough fun, which you can try speed boat, banana boat and activities water sports other.

The function of Packaging or the packaging

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n selling a product, there are some things or factors that affect the level of penjualannya. The one that usually concern buyers is the packaging or the packaging. Effect packaging or the packaging of the sale looks pretty significant, considering the consumer at first will see the packaging area. If the packaging looks attractive although the product is not known to the public, must be going to interest the consumer to buy it. Based on the progress of the age, the pack has bermetamorfosis be the thing that can say pretty amazing. Various tekhnologi as well as innovation in the world of packaging or the packaging has been growing very business. This was based on the competition the business that made the producers do the innovation on the packaging so the more interest the consumer.

The function of Packaging or the packaging

The design of a pack is one of the trigger the sale of the product as explained earlier. It is also related to the value add generated by the pack that is able to affect the emotional the consumers and rated very powerful. Seen it all, the company – the company must have a team design it yourself for the business pack. Based on that they then design the packaging is very important for the sale of a product. Especially elements in the design of the pack such as the selection of color, unique and other stuff. Therefore, the coverage elements of the pack are good and fit with the product is to be noticed so I can add to the level of sales.

The function of Packaging or the packaging

To understand more about the effect of packaging or pack on sale you have to understand first about the function of packaging or the packaging area. The following is some function of packaging or the packaging :

As a product

Function pack the first is as a place for the product to be sold. To determine a big pack of them, knowing the weight and type of product that will be placed in the packaging is the get the main. Therefore, in that type of pack is right for a product need kejelian to the pack function in the maximum. Some examples of packs that can be used among other things take the shape of a can, box, tube, bottle, or anything that basically should fit with the product. Then notice too that the pack will make it easier in pendistribusian as well as able to protect the product in it to keep it intact.

As identification

The whole point of the identification is to know the product being sold. Basically a lot of product other of a kind and sold along with the product you have. This is where the uses of the pack, which distinguish the product you with the product of another kind so the consumer will know that the product want to dibelinya is a product you.

As a communication device

Packaging or pack in though are indirectly, but it can be a communication device with the consumer you. the pack is going to show you the brand, image or message that will arouse the curiosity of the consumer, the use, the composition of the product as well as the description or something else. So at this point the pack that will give the information to the consumer about buying the product you.



9 Place Shopping Cheap in Jogja For a Souvenir

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9 Place Shopping Cheap in Jogja For a Souvenir – One of the activities tourists when to Jogja’s shopping souvenirs cheap in some places we recommend here. Especially for the women, art and culture from the society of Yogyakarta known height, with the various shapes and kinds of product, like among them: fabric-batik, painting, wood carving or stone and including also gerabah and engraving silver, fuel as well as the pillow is unique, being the go to by-by or his own use. Sometimes, stuff is cheaper that bought in Jogja it’s used anyway as an accessory penghias house. Where can you find the location of tourist shopping with reasonable price in this town? Getting information to the place below.

Some of the place shopping souvenirs known cheap here is part of the tour Jogja popular. Among them:

Market Beringharjo. Various things need including by-by very cheap available in the market, the biggest in Jogja. On reviews about Beringharjo, we have to mention that here you will find-batik, either in the form of a shirt and pants, also there’s a guy who’s still in the form of cloth sheets. Besides you can also find fancy trinkets penghias room and painting a canvas with the art of high. On the back, there are some gold the largest in the city. Still not good enough? In the Market Beringharjo also there are stalls that sell books secondhand that the rest is not found again in the book store public. Collection book rare and old also you can make souvenirs for relatives that hobby mengkoleksinya.

9 Place Shopping Cheap in Jogja For a Souvenir

the sale of the statue in jogja

The Results Of The Work Of Craftsmen Stone Muntilan
One Butterfly. This is the place where shopping is unique and it’s just there in Jogja. Despite a long while, maybe this is a new thing for you. The product for sale is the pillow, but with the price cheaper and quality is very special. And uniknya again, usually visitors to buy a pillow “One Butterfly” with a variety of a the holster. Advised to buy some a pillowcases at once because of the size you will find in other places. The shape and size of the pillow is decorated that there is only One Butterfly that his shop is on the road Corongan 10, Maguwoharjo, Sleman, Yogyakarta. If you look at the photo below, you want immediately shopping souvenir pillow in The Butterfly.

sell the pillow is unique in jogja

Pillow A Butterfly
Shopping Ceramic and Gerabah Kasongan. Where shopping by-by this is in the region of Bantul, Jogja. Been a long time area visited by tourists especially who are looking for souvenirs wedding cheap, pot and urn decoration home or a crock with a work of art is high. Guaranteed you are satisfied, spend your money on this place. The important thing is that you should always be aware of how the packing and take it to your city. Usually, because the price of ceramic and jars offered by very cheap, then visitors with bernapsu high buy souvenirs for them, then’m dying when you want to take him to the plane or the train.