How to Carefully Choose the Ideal Home

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If during the principles used in choosing a home is 4L (location, location, location and location), now there is another perspective that also you should know.
You must consider many things before buying a home, not just because the price is not cheap, but also because it will occupy the house for a long period.
The location is so the main consideration in buying a home. But before doing contract of sale, do not forget also some other aspects.
The developer offers two types of homes that the house is ready for habitation (ready stock) and indent (new homes built after the contract of sale). Each has advantages and disadvantages.
If the house is ready for habitation, usually you will be calmer. Therefore, the original form of the house was visible so it will be easier to convince the bank.
In addition, you do not have to wait long, and can directly be placed immediately. Although the form of the house is visible, you can not ensure the material truth home.
While the advantages of home indent, you can still watching from the first stage to the end. Can even request additional home design.
However, concerns are also shackled during the set time of completion. Feared would spend more time than expected.
Well, in the book “Do Wrong Choose the mortgage”, explained another 4L formula which could be a reference you in choosing your dream house, among others, legality, location, environment, and logic,

1. Legality
Generally, people are now looking for properties (especially houses) that have the status of SHM (Certificate of Property Rights) and HGB (Building Use Rights Certificate).
Things you need to know is that the ownership of land that can be financed with mortgages only two, namely property rights (SHM proof) and Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB).
That is, make sure you buy a home with status Properties and HGB. Both status is exactly what will be accepted by the bank.
If you buy a house with girik form, inevitably you have to register to Hak Milik.
(See also related article “Before Buy Houses, Recognize The certificate used to be kind”)

2. Location
The second way is to choose the location. In considering the location, you should consider three things to look at strategic locations such as the suitable designation, easy access, and prospective.
There is a saying that finding a home just like to find a mate. Not only from the physical manifestation of his home course but also includes use instinct or feeling.
Then, do not ever hesitate to seek information from people around. You can use the features reviews of new housing projects in Rumah Syariah.
Later, there will be explained on the location of the current housing and housing prospects for the future, consideration of the development of infrastructure such as public facilities and spatial.

3. Environment
If a location is common, more specific environment. Adjust the environment to your needs.
For example, if you have kids childhood, try to stay in an environment with people who have children the same age. Avoid staying in a neighborhood inhabited retired.
Because the child needs peers who could be invited to play for the growth process.
In addition, consider also the safety. Whether the house is located on the edge of the highway or a little further inside. The house on the edge of the highway is less suitable for families with children aged childhood. Consider also a matter of security systems.
Another thing that must be considered in the environmental aspect is infrastructure, such as the distance to the educational, health, shopping, and entertainment.
Occupancy safe and complete dream has yet to be said. You should also pay attention to the beauty of a home atmosphere and a green, wide roads, drainage or sanitation systems and the potential disasters such as floods.
In essence, in consideration of the environment, you must prioritize your comfort in running the daily routine. Do not let your routine will be hampered.

4. Logic
Last is to use your logic in choosing ruamh be purchased. Usually the developer will issue sharpshooter moves to build trust consumers to immediately purchase merchandise their home.
Developers do marketing boombastis was legitimate. Now, just your decision. Be the prospective buyers who did not immediately believe to lure developers.
For example, the price of a house pegged at 500 million. Then, the developer expressed will be no increase in price by 20%. Your job, find out if it was true that housing will rise in price by 20% ?.
How, you may ask the community about or see prices SVTO. Or it could also collect some housing listings around the already built first.
Then, calculate the range of the increase and the difference. If you need to ask the occupants of the house.

The Easy Way To Motivate Yourself with Media

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Ever feel alienated when in a party, or the environment, arising up to the mind to immediately go from that place as soon as possible?


Then have you ever felt nervous every exist around many people, confused should start talking what, be treated as if there is nothing there, to feel intimidated?

Many people can give rise to a feeling like that, either friends, people you like, or even by people who are not well known. Sometimes it makes you think you are not good enough, not smart enough or not interesting enough.

No need to worry. There are some things that will make you feel better. For that, try to remember some of the following while being in that situation, as reported by the from the Huffington Post here.

It’s you, not she

The fear in others resulted in themselves, not by the people that are around. Realizing this will help to more relaxed.

Everyone had a mistake, fear, and insecurity

Jordan Belfort from Wall Street alone has said that her shy and often feel unsafe.

“I feel insecure and inferior, and I am easily embarrassed. However, I refuse to show it. If I had to choose between shame and death, I would choose to die. I am a weak person, and is not perfect, “he said.

Everyone is mortal

Whether it’s your boss, friends, and celebrities, which looks very good, both from the looks and cleverness, or the wealth of the rich, they’re still human.

Remember, other people can also feel nervous

Realized it or not, sometimes in a new environment, one that is in the room also may feel shy, nervous and awkward to begin to greet others.

Sometimes, with the first steps in making social connections, say hello to first for example, will dilute the atmosphere and hold two people.

Intimidation or a sense of nervousness, arise because of the workings of the mind itself demeaning

Ask yourself about what might be the worst thing can happen?

With ask like that, then when there are people who try to devalue, it will appear the answers like “then why?”

The word “why?” is the best thing in the world that could have asked themselves.

Ask yourself, what’s the best thing might be going?

This is a question most positive to make yourself more resilient and confident.

Does anyone know a good chance what would arise when introduced to a new person. Can you get a new friend, a new career opportunity, or even a dating couple.

Such an opportunity will not appear if an individual remains continue to follow the sense of fear click here.

Learn to plant a plant seed corn for learning

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Learn to plant a plant seed corn for learning

Farmer friend please note that Eggplant is one type of plant that produces fruiting vegetables, there are many kinds of Eggplant can we encounter today, one of the most frequently we encounter that is kind of Eggplant Purple.

Most people in Indonesia make use this type of vegetables for cooking meals everyday because Eggplant is one vegetable that is quite frowned upon. The characteristics of the oval-shaped vegetables such as banana, but form bigger and his skin is purple. Plants originating from India and Sri Lanka is still one family with tomatoes and potatoes. Nutrient content in Eggplant arguably quite high, including protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, fat, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin c.

The Eggplant was very good for consumption, because it has high potassium levels approximately 217 mg/100 gr. Potassium itself is very important for the nervous system and muscle contraction. For fiber on eggplant, about 2.5 grams per 100 grams, therefore, the Eggplant is excellent for digestion.

For all of you who feel drawn to the plant, there is no harm if you tried it. But of course you should have enough insight about how the cultivation of Eggplant Purple before starting the venture. But you all don’t have to worry if indeed has never had experience in the field, because with a strong willpower, all will be achieved. Here we will write some tips to give you some picture for you who want to try the cultivation of purple eggplant.

How To Grow Eggplant
Planting Eggplant can be done well in lowland or Highland at a height of 1-1200 above the sea level and temperatures of 22 – 30o c. soil type is best to plant Eggplant is a kind of sandy loam with a pH between 6.8 – 7.3, fairly fertile, rich in various organic materials, and have the channel air (aeration) as well as a water drainage channel. Planting Eggplant is very suitable if planted during the dry season because it requires sufficient sunlight.
To plant Eggplant Eggplant planted there are several ways to do that is to propagate, nurseries, land preparation, planting, maintenance, harvesting period.


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Mencari tawaran hotel terbaik di kota adalah salah satu topik yang kita telah dibahas panjang lebar pada MUO. Kami masih ingin mengeluarkan informasi yang sekarang dan lagi karena hotel search engine traveller penting alat untuk digunakan sebelum Anda Pak koper Anda.

Berikut adalah sepuluh terbaik hotel search engine yang menjemput Anda penawaran terbaik saat Anda bepergian.

Jombang hotel adalah sebuah jasa penginapan dan pelayanan hotel yang ada di kota jombang, mencoba untuk dapat memenuhi kebutuhan hotel yang ada di kota jombang dan sekitarnya dengan fasilitas yang bisa bisa membuat pengguna nyaman,

google hotel finder

Kita mulai dengan Google dengan Google Hotel Finder yang eksperimental adalah satu untuk atas penagihan. Kepala ke direktori kami menyebutkan untuk pengenalan singkat. Google Hotel Finder bisa pergi dari percobaan serangan skala penuh di hotel dan perjalanan situs luar sana karena itu membawa beberapa kenyamanan. Misalnya, Anda dapat membandingkan harga hotel (slider harga merupakan bantuan besar) dan menempatkan mereka dalam sebuah daftar pendek dan melacak mereka dari waktu ke waktu. Pelacakan adalah sangat membantu bila Anda ingin ambil kesepakatan terbaik di kota. Anda dapat menggunakan filter dan Google map untuk mencari hotel di area yang dipilih; memilih mereka dengan waktu perjalanan; dan memilih orang-orang yang berada di dekat perkotaan hot spot.

Bing Travel – Rate Indicator

Bing perjalanan pergi kepala ke kepala (atau itu sebaliknya) dengan Google Hotel Finder. Dari indikator suku di sini adalah sangat membantu ketika Anda mencoba untuk menemukan Apakah tarif hotel adalah kesepakatan yang baik atau tidak. Anda juga dapat melakukan pencarian bersejarah untuk tanggal tertentu. Hal ini hanya tersedia untuk 30 US kota saat ini. Indikator tingkat menunjukkan legends kuning, hijau, dan merah pada peta Bing untuk menunjukkan yang ‘panas’ kesepakatan. Mesin pencari Bing perjalanan biasa meskipun memberi Anda Cari perbandingan dengan styrofoam,, Travelocity, Expedia, dan Priceline. Berikut adalah beberapa kedudukan perjalanan dan hotel website. adalah salah satu hotel Pemesanan website paling komprehensif di sekitar meliputi 140.000 hotel yang di seluruh dunia. Ini adalah satu-jendela solusi untuk semua pencarian dan kebutuhan terakhir. Ini memberi Anda lokal informasi ditambah transaksi besar dan program imbalan. mengklaim bahwa ia memberikan Anda harga termurah dan jika Anda menemukan sesuatu yang lebih murah mereka akan cocok. juga tidak mengenakan biaya pembatalan. Men-download mereka gratis iPad, iPhone, Android app.


TripAdvisor adalah salah satu mesin pencari paling terkenal untuk penawaran perjalanan dan hotel. Kami disebutkan ketika kita melihat 5 Review situs untuk membantu Anda menemukan Hotel sempurna dan pasti layak lagi disebutkan di sini. Situs menunjukkan Tinjauan dan saran tentang Hotel, Resort, penerbangan, sewa liburan, paket liburan, perjalanan panduan, dan banyak lagi. Salah satu fitur yang mungkin Anda gunakan paling sering adalah filter yang memungkinkan Anda mengelompokkan hotel sesuai fasilitas yang ditawarkan.

Pencarian hotel Pemesanan website yang biasanya choc-a-blok dengan informasi. Saya suka tata letak relatif teratur ini mesin pencari hotel yang juga dibantu oleh besar dan jelas font yang digunakan. Anda dapat menggunakan mesin pencari untuk menemukan dan reservasi hotel. Baris tag mereka mengatakan-187,784-Hotel yang ditampilkan di 163 negara di seluruh dunia. Jadi, itu adalah menyapu cukup. Berlangganan newsletter email untuk penawaran flash.

Hotel dikombinasikan

Hotel gabungan dan pencari hotel juga mencakup seluruh dunia. Situs mengatakan bahwa yang diverifikasi ulasan (Layanan merek dagang) menerima dan quantifies ulasan dari diverifikasi, hanya Pelanggan yang membayar. Hotel pencari membandingkan harga menemukan sekelompok hotel harga situs. Anda dapat melihat daftar ketika Anda mencari hotel terbaik oleh tujuan.


Diskon perjalanan situs melakukan negosiasi penawaran hotel terbaik (bersama dengan perjalanan lainnya yang terkait) dan menyajikan mereka kepada Anda sebagai Styrofoam TARIF panas. Anda juga dapat menggunakan situs Tripwatcher alat untuk berhati-hati untuk penurunan harga. Hasil dibandingkan dengan situs lain seperti Expedia, Kayak, Tripadvisor, dan Orbitz. Check out situs perencanaan Tools bagian untuk beberapa lain perjalanan aids yang membantu Anda merencanakan perjalanan Anda.


104.000 hotel dan daftar jenis akomodasi lainnya di lebih dari 130 negara membuat hotel search engine ini terbaik memegang sendiri melawan yang terbaik dari sejenisnya. Juga mencakup tempat tidur dan sarapan dan liburan Penyewaan. Situs memberi Anda alat warna-warni berbasis peta pencarian untuk menemukan penawaran hotel terbaik di kota.

Enam perusahaan hotel terbesar di dunia (pilihan Hotel International, Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt Hotel Corporation, InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott International dan Wyndham Hotel Group) bekerja sama untuk memulai Roomkey. Pencari hotel secara khusus disesuaikan untuk klien mereka dan bertujuan untuk-wisatawan menawarkan akses langsung ke jaringan luas Hotel arou

Jika Anda telah melihat suplemen untuk kesuburan, Anda mungkin menemukan rekomendasi untuk asam folat. Salah satu vitamin B, folat (atau asam folat, sebagaimana diketahui dalam bentuk suplemen) diperlukan untuk pengembangan sel darah merah dan DNA produksi. Folat juga memainkan peran penting dalam pembelahan sel. Folat rendah tingkat darah berhubungan dengan bentuk anemia.

Asam folat Nutrisi penting dalam tubuh untuk Kesehatan

Tetapi dapat folic acid membantu Anda hamil? Harus pria juga mengambil asam folat? Anda harus mengambil suplemen, atau Anda bisa mendapatkan apa yang Anda butuhkan dari diet sendirian?
Apakah mungkin asam folat peranan dalam kesuburan perempuan?

Wanita yang tidak mendapatkan cukup folic acid dalam diet mereka berada pada risiko yang lebih tinggi untuk memiliki bayi dengan cacat neural tube.

Cacat tabung saraf, yang terjadi di sekitar 3.000 kehamilan per tahun di Amerika Serikat, termasuk spina bifida, anencephaly dan susunan saraf pusat. Di terbaik, cacat kelahiran ini dapat menyebabkan cacat seumur hidup, dan paling buruk, mereka dapat menyebabkan kematian dini.

Jika Anda memiliki riwayat keluarga Cacat tabung syaraf, Anda memiliki risiko lebih tinggi untuk memiliki anak dengan salah satu ini cacat lahir.

Sementara asam folat tidak menghilangkan cacat kelahiran, suplementasi asam folat dimulai sebelum konsepsi dan berlanjut melalui awal kehamilan telah ditemukan untuk mengurangi terjadinya cacat kelahiran ini hingga 60%.

(Lebih lanjut mengenai suplemen di bawah ini.)

Manfaat lain mungkin suplementasi asam folat meliputi:

Yang lebih rendah risiko Cacat jantung bawaan.
Resiko yang lebih rendah dari kelahiran prematur dan resiko yang lebih rendah dari bayi berat lahir rendah.
Tingkat peningkatan progesteron dan resiko yang lebih rendah tidak teratur ovulasi.

Apakah mungkin asam folat peranan di Fertilitas pria?

Seperti yang ditulis di situs dengan judul ” Asam Folat ” atas, folat adalah nutrisi penting ketika datang ke pembelahan sel dan DNA sintesis.Ketika kita mempertimbangkan bagaimana bayi mulai – sel tunggal yang membagi dan membagi – masuk akal bahwa asam folat dapat membantu memastikan pembelahan sel, dan karena itu perkembangan janin, berjalan dengan baik.

Tapi bagaimana bisa asam folat meningkatkan Fertilitas pria?

Sebelum kita masuk embrio, kita perlu telur dan sperma. Sedangkan wanita yang lahir dengan semua telur yang mereka akan pernah, tubuh pria menciptakan sperma setiap hari.

Pada kenyataannya, 1.500 sel-sel sperma yang baru “lahir” setiap detik. Proses dari germline sel induk sel sperma memakan waktu sekitar 60 hari.

Tingkat folat diukur dalam air mani telah dikaitkan dengan jumlah sperma dan kesehatan. Satu studi menemukan bahwa folat rendah tingkat dalam air mani dikaitkan dengan sperma yang buruk DNA stabilitas.

Studi lain menemukan bahwa gabungan suplementasi asam folat dan seng selama 26 minggu meningkat jumlah total sperma pada laki-laki yang subur dan subfertile.

Sementara penelitian masih berlangsung, tampaknya ada korelasi antara asam folat dan semen kesehatan.
Apa makanan kaya akan asam folat?

Untuk referensi, asupan yang direkomendasikan untuk asam folat adalah:

400 mcg untuk pria dan wanita 14 tahun dan up
500 mcg untuk wanita menyusui
600 mcg untuk wanita hamil

Karena hubungan antara cacat lahir dan kekurangan folat, kebanyakan roti dan sereal di Amerika Serikat dan Kanada diperkaya dengan asam folat. Diperkaya sereal, dan roti yang mungkin cara termudah untuk mendapatkan lebih asam folat ke dalam diet Anda.

Luar pagi semangkuk sereal berkubu, berikut adalah 10 makanan tinggi asam folat:

Hati sapi, mcg 3 oz.: 215
Bayam, Piala 0.5 direbus: 131 mcg
Kacang polong hitam, Piala 0.5 direbus: 105 mcg
Putih beras, 0.5 cangkir dimasak: 90 mcg
Asparagus, 4 spears direbus: 89 mcg
Kubis Brussel, Piala 0.5 direbus: 78 mcg
Daun selada Romaine, Piala 1.0 diparut: 64 mcg
Alpukat, 0.5 Piala mentah: 59 mcg
Bayam, 1 cangkir mentah: 58 mcg
Brokoli, 0,5 dimasak: 52 mcg

Makanan lain dengan folat termasuk sawi, kacang hijau, kacang, kacang, gandum, jus tomat, kepiting, air jeruk, lobak, jeruk, pepaya dan pisang.

15 makanan untuk meningkatkan kesuburan + resep Anda

Should I mengambil suplemen asam folat?

Meskipun benteng roti dan sereal, kebanyakan wanita masih tidak mendapatkan cukup folic acid dalam diet mereka. Karena banyak kehamilan tidak direncanakan, dan karena vitamin ini harus hadir sebelum Anda mendapatkan hamil, Maret Dimes merekomendasikan bahwa semua wanita usia subur mengambil suplemen harian yang mencakup setidaknya 400 mcg folic acid. Ketika hamil, suplementasi asam folat harian yang dianjurkan menimbulkan ke 600 mcg.

Dokter Anda dapat merekomendasikan prenatal vitamin untuk mengambil ketika mencoba untuk hamil, atau hanya sebuah harian multivitamin. Hanya memeriksa untuk memastikan multivitamin berisi setidaknya 400 mcg folic acid.

Jika Anda memiliki riwayat keluarga Cacat tabung saraf, dokter Anda dapat merekomendasikan Anda mengambil 4.000-5.000 mcg folic acid. Namun, karena tingkat ini di atas batas atas yang direkomendasikan, Anda harus hanya mengambil ini tinggi dosis di bawah pengawasan dokter Anda.

Untuk pria, Anda bisa mendapatkan dorongan folic acid melalui harian multivitamin, atau Anda mungkin mempertimbangkan untuk mengambil vitami “pria prenata.


 kode sehat

wikipedia asam folat

melihat referensi untuk susu—baik seseorang mencela itu sebagai bahaya kesehatan atau extolling sifat dari keseluruhan, pastured, susu mentah. Memang, aku mengikuti banyak makanan blog dan keras kepala jenis. Tapi tampaknya ada yang pasti uptick dalam obrolan dari orang-orang di kedua ujung spektrum, meninggalkan banyak orang di tengah sangat bingung.

susu alami
Dan berbicara dari tengah, itu persis di mana aku turun di dalamnya. Di sini saya dua sen:

Apakah anak-anak harus minum susu?

Ya dan tidak. Ini menyediakan benar-benar baik paket dari banyak nutrisi yang anak-anak butuhkan, termasuk kalsium dan vitamin D yang penting untuk membangun tulang. Susu juga merupakan cara yang mudah untuk mendapatkan terganggu protein dan dibutuhkan kalium. Tapi jika anak anda tidak suka itu, ada sebuah masalah alergi atau tidak toleransi, atau keluarga anda berikut vegetarian gaya hidup, yang baik-yang merencanakan diet yang bisa memberikan nutrisi juga.

Apakah saya harus membeli organik?

Tidak. Beberapa orang tua memilih untuk menghabiskan mereka organik dolar pada susu karena anak-anak mereka minum banyak itu, dan mereka merasa lebih baik mengetahui sapi yang tidak diberi hormon atau antibiotik, dan tidak makan makan diobati dengan pesticides. Tapi jika anda tidak bisa ayunan itu, tahu bahwa penelitian tidak menemukan perbedaan yang signifikan di level hormon antara organik dan konvensional. Anda juga dapat mencari konvensional cartons berlabel “rBST bebas”, yang berarti sapi-sapi yang tidak diberi sintetis pertumbuhan hormon.

Seluruh lebih sehat dari skim?

Tidak. Mereka berdua sumber yang baik dari kalsium, vitamin D, dan kalium—semua nutrisi yang banyak anak-anak tidak mendapatkan cukup. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends lemak bebas atau rendah lemak untuk anak-anak yang lebih tua dari dua, dan cerdas untuk check-in dengan teman konyol tentang anak anda yang tepat kebutuhan. Jika anak-anak anda benar-benar seperti seluruh atau dua persen dan berat badan adalah kekhawatiran, saya lebih dulu mencari tempat-tempat lain di dalam keluarga diet (seperti makanan penutup dan makanan cepat saji) untuk trim dan pastikan anda menawarkan air sepanjang hari juga. Jika anda anak-anak (di atas usia dua) memilih skim atau satu persen, itu baik-baik juga. Aku tahu ada tren untuk kembali ke penuh-lemak makanan, tapi aku tidak melihat bukti bahwa lemak jenuh dalam susu dan daging memiliki manfaat kesehatan seperti unsaturated lemak dalam alpukat dan kacang-kacangan tidak.

Adalah coklat susu-apa, kalau anak saya tidak minum putih?

Ya—dengan beberapa caveats. Ada sekitar tiga sendok teh dengan menambahkan gula dalam melayani (idealnya, anak-anak harus mendapatkan tidak lebih dari 5-8 sendok teh per hari). Secara pribadi, saya rasa coklat susu sebagai memperlakukan manis, walaupun bergizi. Jadi jika anak-anak sampai di sekolah, aku tak bungkus setiap permen di dalam lunchbox. Aku juga tak saham itu di rumah karena mereka mungkin memiliki itu di sekolah atau kadang-kadang di restoran. Jika anak anda tidak seperti putih susu ada cara lain untuk mendapatkan kalsium juga, seperti yogurt dan keju, dan ditemukan dalam jumlah kecil dalam makanan seperti almond, kale, dan edamame.

Apakah mungkin untuk anak-anak untuk minum terlalu banyak?

Ya, terutama untuk balita dan preschoolers yang minum susu sepanjang hari (lebih dari tiga cangkir). Mereka menjalankan risiko menjadi rendah dalam besi karena mereka kecil perut yang terlalu penuh di waktu makan untuk selera makanan, dan susu secara alami rendah dalam besi. Menurut USDA, anak-anak usia 2-3 butuh dua servings per hari dari susu (seperti susu, yogurt, keju, atau kalsium-ketat non-susu minuman), anak-anak usia 4-8 butuh dua setengah, dan anak-anak 9 tahun dan lebih tua memerlukan tiga.

Non susu milks baik untuk anak-anak?

Ya (meskipun tidak sebagai pengganti untuk bayi formula!). Menjaga dalam pikiran mereka bukan satu-untuk-satu taukar dengan susu biasa. Misalnya, almond dan beras susu memiliki hanya satu gram protein per melayani, dibandingkan dengan delapan gram di sapi. Ketika memilih non-susu, susu, pastikan difortifikasi dengan kalsium dan vitamin D, dan ingat bahwa buatan sendiri versi yang tidak memiliki tulang nutrisi dalam kelimpahan. Goyang ketat beralkohol baik sebelum melayani, karena kalsium bisa menetap di bagian bawah. Dan mencari varieties berlabel “unsweetened”. Salah satu merk “asli” susu almond mengandung hampir dua sendok teh dengan menambahkan gula per cangkir!

Bagaimana dengan susu mentah?

Aku tahu itu telah yang (sangat bergairah) dan para pendukung, tapi aku tidak bisa mendapatkan di belakang itu. Api saya jika anda ingin, tapi aku khawatir tentang bakteri kontaminasi—terutama untuk anak muda.

Untuk lebih detail tentang susu, dengarkan ini episode dari podcast Yang Senang Menggigit, dengan makanan sociologist Dina Rose.

Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD, seorang terdaftar dietitian, educator, dan ibu dari dua orang yang blogs di Real Mom Gizi. Anda bisa mengikutinya di Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, dan Instagram. Dia adalah penulis dari Memasak Cahaya makan malam Survival Guide, cookbook untuk sibuk keluarga. Dalam luang waktu, dia banyak dan unloads mesin cuci piring. Kemudian banyak lagi.

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Plastic Packaging Products one of the constraints is a cottage industry in the marketing competition losing to compete with major manufacturers product in terms of packaging. The perpetrators of the cottage industry is still much less regard for product packaging,

sometimes in the market or shop our traditional homemade food processed products find a cottage industry with packaging alakadarnya aka the origin down and branded with that design is very simple. Of course this will be very difficult to compete with the product manufacturer. Plastic Packaging is actually already a lot of stores that sell wholesale, both with large retail or selling party unity, a wide range of plastics with many kinds of models we can select, customize the type and model of plastic flexible packaging with our food products.

It is not too expensive in our mediocre funds or very limited. We can buy the retail Union can, there is a wide range of plastic packaging materials are available, ranging from full almunium, plain thick plastic to a combination of plastic and almunium. The issue price of the packaging material, depending on the model and size, we will infokan some jenil existing plastic packaging market.

Plastic Packaging Products one of the constraints

Model Stand up pouch Packaging material Almunium Foill type of packaging is indeed very pretty, the advantages of the model stand up was packaging can stand upright because at the bottom is designed as the Foundation for the stands, with a model standing then no longer have the packaging cardboard box, simply we paste the sticker design. plastic model stand up there are two options, namely full almunium and almunium-a combination of transparent plastic.

Model Packs Multilayer Difference with multilayer packaging Stand up pouch is this packaging was not designed to stand, so in need of packaging cardboard box afterwards. available in the market with fuul almunium foil and plastic materials transparent.

How to Lure consumers with Product Design the look of the design on the packaging contributed in product sales, therefore we recommend that in the design of the image on the packaging it is not random, we can follow the example of packaging products from large companies as a reference. Buyers will choose the display of pictures of the most interesting design when there are some of the same products. A good design will affect sales of a produkdengan the hope of increasing sales. During this cottage industry processing Abon still less attentive to the design on the packaging, Like where we want to be able to compete with large companies whereas the artificial mince for taste and texture abon is not lost. If we can not design it yourself, don’t need to we enforce to design images but suffice it we pay on a graphic design for our product mendesignkan abon.

Housewife 75 Cattle Goats HCS Without Ngarit, without the Free-range

Hajjah Etin, Housewife 75 Cattle Goats HCS Without Ngarit, without the Free-range. As diekspose on YouTube in the video below.

Housewife 75 Cattle Cheap Goats Aqiqah HCS Without Ngarit, without the Free-range

It turns out being both Liquid Organic is a supplement (SOC) of the HCS. Want to try the SOC? Please message in the us. Click SELL SOC HCS.

livestock goat hcsPenampakan goat enclosure on the side is a form and model enclosure that is almost wholly owned by all partners of the HCS profession as a breeder. The enclosure was no exception of goats belonging to Mother Hajjah Etin in the video above which apply the pattern of HCS.

Cultivation ways of the goat without ngarit, without the free-range, and without the smell is only possible if the goat cages clean, with system platform. That way, the dirt will fall to the bottom. So the goat’s body and skin free of impurities.

Note also the circulation of air. How to keep a goat like this is called without the smell. First, the use of feed Supplements Liquid Organic fermentation (SOC) of the HCS. Undigested food so perfectly, and filth issued any smell. Second, if anyway delicious smell still not due to dirt mixed with urine, then enough air circulation can eliminate the odor.

Goat livestock tips HCS pattern can be applied either to the goat gibas (Lamb) and goats. There is no difference between the way livestock goats sheep with Java. Equally without ngarit and without free-range. In fact, until the harvest was not a matter of if you do not remove the goats from the enclosure.

Noteworthy is also the place to feed. Try to create a comfortable position when the goats are eating. Not too high and not too low. Feed goats HCS pattern always use feed fermentation using fermenters (drug fermentation) SOC. with fodder fermented, well that fermentation of straw, gedebok banana, as well as other agricultural waste, then you do not need to ngarit morning afternoon.

This is called Livestock goat/sheep without ngarit (grass) and without the free-range (herd). The difference with conventional cattle, goat, goat cattle in this HCS patterns You can make fermented feed just once, and then hoarded. Fermentation feed stocks can be given until exhausted. After a timeout, then make the fermentation again.

No wonder if a housewife can keep dozens of goats by herself, with no employees. Obvious isn’t it? Cattle or goat livestock cultivation pattern of the HCS is becoming the solution in the world of animal husbandry. Sure, expected to harvest more than the way the cattle in General.

There are no secrets in this HCS goat cattle in addition to the already reviewed above. You can use Java goat berternak tips above. Important You have SOC. As for how to go about raising goats, and how to make fermented feed already reviewed in this HCS Program site.

Hopefully the video titled “housewife 75 Cattle Goats HCS Without Ngarit, without the Free-range” above to inspire all of us to learn how livestock goat without ngaret, without the smell of goat raising free-range. For those of you who happen to be currently keeping goats Java can also apply this method.

Before you close this page, try for a moment to watch the following video. SIP deh guaranteed!

9 How to prevent throat cancer

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Than breast cancer, blood cancer, cancer of the lymph glands and other cancer cases of throat cancer, including rare cases. Despite its existence need to be controlled especially in early stage symptoms of throat cancer difficult to detect. There are several factors cause throat cancer who may be familiar with our everyday life such as smoking, exposure to industrial materials (including synthetic materials), and the habit of drinking alcoholic beverages. But throat cancer is also caused by Human Pappiloma Virus (HPV), chronic gastric reflux or acid gastric leakage events to the throat.

How to prevent throat cancer

9 How to prevent throat cancer
Caramengobati throat cancer tend to be extreme. Generally in the case of throat cancer early enough stage of endoscopic surgery or radiation therapy methods. However, if the cancer cells have already expanded the category and enter the advanced stage, usually done Rapture and chemotherapy.

Considering the effects of throat cancer was terrible and at high risk against death, then needed a way to anticipate the diseases through various prevention efforts. How to prevent throat cancer closely related to lifestyle and food consumed. The following include:

-Quit Smoking
Among all the factors the causes of throat cancer, smoking is the cause of most major. Nicotine and tar contained in tobacco not only causes throat cancer but also other types of cancer that are not less ferocious, namely lung cancer, skin cancer, and oral cancer.

-Reduce sugar levels
Excess sugar intake also trigger cancer of the throat. Keep in mind, sugar contain a number of nutrients for growth on the body’s tissues. Here, the cancer cells are able to grow faster as it gets enough nutrients supply of sugar consumed.

-Drinking Green Tea
Anti-oxidant compounds in green tea are very effective to prevent the occurrence of cancer of the throat. Its antioxidant properties able to ward off free radicals are carcinogenic. By itself consumes green tea meant reduces the risk of throat cancer.

-Consumption Of Organic Vegetables
Organic green vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals such as iron, full of calcium, potassium, potassium, and vitamins A and c. nutritional the active is able to boost the immune system so that the body is not susceptible to disease, including cancer of the throat.

-The consumption of fish and Paprika
Almost everyone knows that fresh fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for protecting the immune system of the body. fish do not need to be cooked for too long to keep his nutritional quality to keep it intact. There is not much different from fish, red pepper and yellow pepper contains lykopene i.e. such substances that are anti-cancer.

-Not Eating Red Meat
To prevent throat cancer should not eat red meat. Red meat contains saturated fats that can mnyebabkan throat cancer. In contrast with eating lots of garlic can minimize the risk of throat cancer.

-Use A Mask
Gas emissions and all kinds of air pollution also berkontibusi against throat cancer. Even in big cities air pollution have the same percentage with smoke-related causes of throat cancer. Use a mask when out of the House in order to avoid toxins and free radicals that enter through the air.

-Drinking Water
White water is a cure all kinds of diseases are most effective. To prevent the possibility of the emergence of throat cancer cells, preferably multiply the consumption of white water. Ideally to attain a healthy body should drink 8 glasses of water (2 liters) per day.

-Regular Exercise
How to prevent throat cancer easily and cheaply is to exercise regularly. Sport helps fat burning processes into energy so that evil cancer-causing fat deposits can be destroyed and dissolved along with the sweat and urine.

Causes, symptoms, and how to treat bone cancer

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Causes, symptoms, and how to treat bone cancer | Of all cases of cancer, bone cancer including the lowest cancer cases where there is only 0.2% of all cases of cancer sufferers in the world. Despite bone cancer growth is very active and aggressive. Causes of bone cancer himself up to now has not been ascertained. But of the idetifikasi on a number of patients, there are several factors which became the founders of bone cancer namely treatment using anti-cancer substances and external radiation therapy triggers the occurrence of Osteosarcoma. In addition a variety of factors such as bone injuries, infections, inflammation, chronic viral infections are minor, and the excess bone growth is allegedly also became the early causes of bone cancer.

Symptoms Of Bone Cancer

Causes, symptoms, and how to treat bone cancer

Symptoms of bone cancer are generally characterized by the pathologic deformations of the bone, pain in the back, and fractures without an obvious reason. Even in some cases occurs distal numbness in certain parts of the body due to the emphasis of the blood vessels in the nerves. Other symptoms that may arise is the bump on the surface of the bone, inflammation, fatigue, pain accompanied by swelling in the joints.

Prolonged Pain

The characteristics of bone cancer sufferers generally prolonged pain especially in the spine. Even the pain will gradually spread to other body organs. This happens because the influence of the abnormal growth of the place.

The Capabilities Of A Decline

In the case of bone cancer took place a very strong emphasis by cancer cells in the nerve. This makes sufferers lose the ability to be active. This condition is caused by disorders of the spine are mainly part of the impulse-impulsnya.


These symptoms are very similar to the decrease in the capability of moving. But incontinence result in the sufferer loses the ability to control the performance of the bowel and bladder. It is also caused by disorders of the nerve impulse.

The swelling

Swelling generally occur around the affected bone cancer accompanied by prolonged pain. In addition there is the possibility of swelling lump appears in the same location.


At advanced stages, sufferers of bone cancer can experience paralysis, either one of the members of the Agency, some members of the governing body, or perhaps even paralysis occurs throughout the body. This condition is caused by a nerve that esophageal cancer is disconnected from the circuit of nerve tissue of the body as a whole.

causes of bone cancer, bone cancer symptoms, how to treat bone cancer

Diagnosis and treatment of bone cancer

To determine whether a person suffering from bone cancer positive based on the symptoms above, then it needs a proper diagnosis methods. The procedure is generally done by doctors with the tools of Imaging is the examination include CT scans, x-rays, and MRIS. Method of diagnosis is a bone Scan next by way of injecting contrast material using a special camera to look at the structure of the description of the bones. Methods of diagnosis was Biopsy that is taking the network might developing cancer to be examined in the laboratory.

How to treat bone cancer is done with some action that is through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy (radiation therapy).


Surgery is done for bone cancer that has not spread terlalalu. Own pembedahannya method uses three ways i.e. Curettage (cutting cancerous bone wall), Resection (lifting the tumors in the bones by means of surgery from within), and Amputation (cutting cancerous bone parts thoroughly).


Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment methods by means of entering the drug either tablets or injections into the vein intravenously. This treatment is aimed at killing cancer cells that are generally able to divide rapidly.


Method of treatment of bone cancer with radiotherapy aim to reduce cancer cells by disrupting the DNA of the cancer cell itself so lost the ability to develop. Usually done powering or shines on bone cancer cells.